Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Miscellaneous post #2

In reference to the topic of Sex as Feminist Practice discussed in class it reminded me of watching Dr. Ruth on a television show in Florida.  So for those of you that don't know about Dr. Ruth here is a video of this little old lady and her discussing the various topics on sex. So here is another video of Dr. Ruth discussing masturbation.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Talking Point #12 Ayvazian, "Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression;" Blanchard, "Combatting International Bigotry and Inadvertently Racist Acts"

Reflection, Connections and Arguments:

      As I read both articles, a few things entered my mind and I sat to think how I was going to compose the piece but then thought I have used all my options, so incorporating a few different options for this pieces will help me tie it together.   Especially since on article is in reference to allies, why the other is clearly about how to battle racism and bigotry. So here goes nothing.
    I as I read the first article by Ayvazian as the author addressed the ways to interrupt the cycle of oppression being using a few of the masters' and their tools to dismantle the wall that they helped build. By this the author means that if we can find the people that fit the SCWAAMP profile to help the people that are opposite of them.  I understand that these people are helping others understand the oppression that they are placing on people that are opposite of what they are. My one question becomes do they truly understand the pain and anguish that comes from the social injustice?  Or how these people have to pick up the broken pieces on the floor and act like nothing is wrong and continue doing what they were doing unfathomed by anything.  As a female and someone that endure a terrible illness, the only ones that get that pain and anguish are those that have experienced the pain that is associated with the action that was placed on them.  Everyone else can try to sympathize or give you piety but you don't want that either. You want them to relate but they cant even imagine themselves in that predicament or even in your shoes.
    I once was told a story by a man that stood up for what he believed was correct.  One day walking to his car he came upon a couple arguing about something, so he payed no mind to the couple and continued to walk to his car.  Got into the car and watched the couple continue to bicker.  Then from one moment to another the couple got into a physical altercation, he thought about getting involved and decided that it would be a bad idea.  So the guy continued to mind his own business, we he saw the male continuously beat on the female.  So the guy got out of the car and told the other guy that if he wanted to pick on someone his own size that he would take him on.  So then the two guys began fighting eventual someone called the police and the police arrived at the scene to break up the fight and arrest the two guys.  He was standing up for her because his mother taught him that a woman is something you treasure and not abuse.  A fight is not a fair one between a man and a woman, so that is why he intervened.  As the story goes on he tells me that not only did he get arrested for sticking up for the female, but he had to go to court because they were both pressing charges on him for assault.  Do you believe that, he was doing a honorable thing only for the female to accuse him of beating on her boyfriend for no apparent reason.  As he told me the story he told me never again will he get involved in a domestic dispute, and he will walk away and pretend it never happened due to all the legal fees that he acquired for that one act of bravery. Here is two different scenarios with different races involved, and what local patrons did for each woman.
     Then you have the article on Blanchard argues that we can combat bigotry and racist acts through education and diversity of the schools.  I agree to disagree.  I agree that education on other races, will give you an understanding but not a complete understanding on the pain and discrimination that the person or race endures on an everyday basis.  It can cause an awakening for the individual to see their faults.  This awaken can lead to many great things but at the same time can cause their own families to disown them, because of their racial preference.  I disagree because your learning comes from your environment and upbringing.  If in your household you are taught to be racist to a certain race for no reason, but you have to go to school with that race you may tolerate that fact that you guys go to school together but that may be the extend of it.  As for your prejudice and racism comments you may have, it has been instilled in your brain since childhood the reason that you have for not liking the race can be as simple as you don't know but your parents feel that way so you will feel that way.  It is hard to educate a person that the very thought process that was given to them by their parents has been ignorant and wrong on all levels. So as I continued to read this article it reminded me of the article that we read on race as a feminist issue.  On how these authors spoke to us about how even though they may have a great education, they are not only being singled out because they are females but because of there racial background so they have a hard time finding their place in society.
     As a Spanish female I can tell you I have dealt with prejudice and racism on many extremes. I will tell you a personal story that involved my education and racism.  When I was going to high school my own guidance councilor discouraged me from applying for admittance at an Ivy League School because her belief was because my parents did not attend college and my racial statistics that I would automatically be a failure.  I had the grades and the entrance exam to apply to one if I wanted ( I later found that out because my mother gave my transcripts to someone at Brown University in admission that I would have been able to attend.) and I had several garbage bags filled with college letters seeking to enroll me. Due to the lack of guidance I developed a fear of failure, in not being able to get the grades I need and in being able to believe that I will not achieve success in graduate school.  This has taken me time and several illness to believe and fight the fact that I am intelligent and able to accomplish anything that I set my mind to. Even those that are educated enough still have prejudice and racism that enters their mind, they may never say anything but there actions speak louder then words. So I am ready to graduate and conquer my fears to the fullest, despite what people believe about my ethnic background, or even challenges that have been set forth for me to tackle.  I am ready to achieve what I was meant to achieve regardless of whoever or whatever decides to stand in my way. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How my thought process has changed due to class

Miscellaneous post 1:
I found this on Facebook and thought that this is so great to reflect on! Before this class I would have looked at this and said that is cool and posted a like status to it. Now with the knowledge of this class to analyze this posting everything  is in blue, heterosexuality is assumed as top priority, that female and female is listed last, and how people believe that not caring or minding their own business will help wipe out homophobia from any social media.  That is plain ignorance!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Day Talking Point #10

Election Day

      I can't say that I am sad that this day is finally over, so I don't have to listen to the foul campaign ads that were playing on television over and over again.  I have to admit that I didn't get to vote today, due to my own fault of being busy looking at different treatment regiments and brushing up on my medical knowledge. At first I couldn't decide where to go and watch the election because where would they show it?  Then I drove up and down the street of Federal Hill to see all the bars have their high definition televisions glued to the electoral returns.  So I decided that by myself I would go into Siena Restaurant to visit my friend the bartender that was working, and see the electoral returns all the while enjoying a salmon salad with a nice glass of wine.
     As I got cozy at the bar and tried to get a up front seat, which was not hard to get considering the fact that I am good friends with the bartender and know the owner very well. So I started a conversation at the bar with a gentlemen named Mike and the owner of the restaurant.  I spoke about how much I hate the brutal campaign ads that were out there, then owner tells me, "that in the past the topic of politics was a lot worse then it is now, they were very brutal, and that today their actions are considered civil."  He goes on to tell me how they even got physical when it came to altercations with each other over the supremacy of politics. The gentleman Mike goes on to tell me, "that the East Coast for as far long as he can remember has held the Democratic vote, so has the belt states that is why they are called the blue belt, and the central states has been over taken by the Republican Party since the Regan administration."  As Mike continues to talk my ear on politics and what people's views were.  He stated that," even though Obama will get into office again and that the business owners and the rich have to pay a little more in taxes, so what at least he felt that the country was in good hands."                      
     As I sat on the edge of my seat to watch the election because for a great while they were neck and neck with each other.  Even the numbers that came in from each state were so close to one another, that for awhile it made the candidacy hard to predict.  They said that the first candidate to reach 270 first is most likely the president of the United States.  As the number inched away and I became more interested in the outcome.  Romney at one point was beating Obama by 20 to 30 electoral votes, and then a sudden change occurred were Obama numbers sky rocket beyond those of Romney.  It was 201 Romney, and 274 Obama, and Obama has been reelected president for the second term.  My interest were to see the returns for the state of Colorado because of my project and their belief on the Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana, and Obama took the electoral votes for Colorado. In Colorado the Legalization was approved by a vote of 53% for yes on the topic, and then it was also a sad day for another state that being Oregon in which the voted no on the issue with 55%.  Check out this article on the returns and the states that placed the Legalization of Medical Marijuana on their election ballots.As I last saw the only states that were left to tally their votes were Alaska, and Florida but the score was 303 Obama, and 203 Romney.  Obama wins the reelection into office, please make America proud and prove all those that doubted you that you deserve this chance to clean up the deficit. Here is Obama's Victory Speech: