Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence" by Adrienne Rich

     The author speaks about a lot of psychoanalytical analysis that was placed on the topic of lesbian existence, and compulsory heterosexuality but seems she doesn't clearly define what the terms are.  She dances around the topic by writing about a lot of books written as examples to illustrate the oppression that have been placed on women in general.  This reading was hard to distinguish what was meant by the terminology that she chose her writing to pertain to.  How many women still oppress each other by placing the a divide on heterosexuality vs. lesbianism?
     Compulsory heterosexuality by the reading that was given after trying to find the actual meaning.  Compulsory heterosexuality was put into place by an institution.  The institution was started by men, Catholic Church, and society as a learned behavior.  Compulsory heterosexuality is mandatory or even required that women should be with men.   Society has adapted this learned behavior, and to step out of the learned behavior is not socially exceptable.  This institution has requirements or guidelines that set the common grounds for society to follow. It is normal and excepted with no question, or ever being looked down upon by society.
     Lesbian existence for the author definition is the history of lesbianism through the "lesbian continuum".  To see the hatred, and the resistance of lesbianism was a notion that was encouraged.  Lesbianism has been hated and diminished by the pure fact of "male supremacy".  Going back through history where the Catholic Church concept is to procreate, and the male influence is to have sexual intimacy with women. This socialital view of homophobia has been put into place as a tolerable behavior.
     The author goes to equate many things like heterosexuality and rape is considered one.  So then that caused a confusion in my head.  So when a man and a woman engage in a heterosexual intimacy then she is being raped and oppressed? So this raise many questions and concerns with this article.  Here I decided to look up the topic and I found a summary of article and related articles.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Talking Point #4 Economic Justice as a Feminist Issue

The pbs site was interactive and had games, stories, life experiences, demographic generalization, and many other things.  The other site cwcs talked about the employers taking advantage of their in employees especially in a time like the economy that we have today.  That is a crying shame!  Just like the rest of the class on the pbs site I also played with the interactive games to notice that my category was nouveau riche.  I had others play the game like my sister, a customer, and even her boss to see what the differences may be.  My sister's score was all over the map, she scored in several categories, and the end summary even told her that she doesnt know which class she belongs to.  My sister's customer a female then played the game on designing your living room showed that her decisions were all middle-middle class.  Then my sister's boss a successful male that has owned several companies and donates to several foundations decided to take the living game on for size.  His score was middle-middle class.  It was fun doing the games and reading the stories was interesting.  How women of different backgrounds, ended up living their lives and the decisions that they made. The economic inequity on feminist issues that came to mind while exploring was how men, and especially women like to people watch or should I say judge others.  What I mean by that statement is when another woman or women walk into a room we will scan her up and down, from the shoes she wears, to the accessories that she decides to wear. We decide from the handbag that she carries, the shoes, and clothes that she wears how she is perceived by the rest of the people around us. Does that female fit in better or is she held at a different regard because of the trends or name brands she rocks? Regardless of what it is she is instantly placed in a economic class, and thus is treated that way.  I have a few examples that come to mind, but I will state one.  One day a friend and I were out shopping for a gown for a formal attire event, we walked into cache and to her surprise she was treated rudely, and I was treated with respect.  She was wearing ribbed jeans, with a sweatshirt, while I was dressed with dressy pants, and a nice blouse. I as soon as I walked into the store the ladies where attentive to what I wanted and if they can further help me look for something to wear, all the while ignoring my friend. Should it matter in that circumstance what she is wearing? Come on I know there are females that are able to relate to this story in one form or another.  It is so sad that the economy can tell that it is turning around when women start to shop for shoes,makeup, and accessories. This story elaborates on the economy and female fashion.
     The cwcs site talked about rights that the employees have when it comes to employment.  It discussed issues like over time, younger employees, regulation on compensation, wage theft, and issues associated with employees compensation for work hours.  Employers are to follow those rules specifically those that apply to the state they own a business in, because getting reported would result in penalties, and imprisonment.  As I continued to navigate through this page I discovered that the site was for a university and it listed different curriculum courses that are available when addressing gender, race, and other things in relations to the current economy and even history that help support what the existence is today.  This site showed that the economic inequity for women exist in not knowing the rules and regulations in the workforce and how this is a doggy dog world that employers will back stab their own employees to save a buck or two.  Women, men, minorities, immigrants, students, elderly, and many others do not know what the rules are.  Employers taking advantage of those that are not informed to save themselves money.  Those that become informed are in jeopardy of losing their job, and since Rhode Island is a hire and fire at will state.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Romney Not Legalizing Medical Marijuana

In accordance to the article written that there is a difference on how the two presidential candidates are running their campaigns' and their view on different topics. Romney is running his campaign in accordance to what he believes the general population wants to hear. Romney's stance on the legalization of medical marijuana, he said "That if I get elected president that I will fight against the legalization of medical marijuana tooth and nail.."   Here is the video on Romney's view on medical marijuana.
He believes that if he legalizes medical marijuana it would be the gateway to legalizes all drugs eventually.  That would lead the younger generations to use all kinds of drugs and that is not okay in Romney's opinion.  Legalizing would be catastrophic for society, and would lead to a corrupt society.   He believes that the marijuana for medicinal purpose would be the gateway to a younger generation getting into all kinds of drugs, not just marijuana.  After his speech he got a standing applause from all that attended because they too believe that marijuana being legalized medicinal is a bad idea and is the gateway to recreational drugs being used.  Romney said, that if you are against his view then you can vote for his opponent that is for the legalization of medical marijuana.  He then steers the audience to believe that his opponent Obama is for the legalization, and that people that are for that such notion should vote for him instead. Even though both parties have supports for the legalization of medical marijuana, though the numbers are so minimal. Even Obama ridicules his opponent's attack by saying that even though he is against the legalization of marijuana here is another tact from his opponent to win electoral votes. The article closes with the conclusion that, "the difference is that Romney is candid about his anti-cannabis, while Obama pretends to be more enlightened and compassionate." (Jacob Sullum, "Romney Vows to Fight Marijuana Legalization 'Tooth and Nail'-Unlike His Opponent?")

The person that wrote the article is against the thoughts and the way that Romney is running his campaign in regards to not legalizing medicinal marijuana.  The person that wrote the article agrees that few people in the democratic party are for the legalization, but so is the republican side as well.  The author discusses the views of the public on the issue, and more are in favor of Romney's view. That Romney is stricter when it comes to this issue, while Obama is more laid back about his stance. It is funny because I had to read another article in response to the question of legalizing marijuana but they asked Paul Ryan the person that Romney had chosen to run with him in this presidential campaign.  Paul Ryan stance for the legalization of marijuana is that, "it should depend on the state and if the state wants to legalize it or not."  Oh, boy we have someone who stance is strong but his co-person says that the individual state should decide. If Romney is elected president, I have a feeling that the issues that may arise during the presidency will have one person for one side, and the other for the decision of the people. This makes my agrument strong for there are two sides to every issue, and no one person agrees to one thing.  Here is a Link, which is a video and article in regards to Paul Ryan's stance.

Legalizing medical marijuana is the question. Either you are for or against the legalization of medical marijuana?  Those that are against, ask yourself if you have ever had a chronic illness or disease that consumed your body?  If the answer is no, then continue to read my take on this issue. Here is a list of people that are medical qualified that have the following conditions: cancer, ms, glaucoma, and etc.  I am only speaking about this because I can.  I won the lottery when it came to an illness that is not just your grandmother's disease anymore.  When I got diagnosed in September 16, 2011, I never would have thought that I would experience the pain that I have.  Pain that at times it is debilitating and still going on today.  So being young am I suppose to drop everything and let the pain consume my life?  The answer is no, is there other alternatives to this, the answer is yes.  There are Morphine, Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percocet, and the list is endless to stop the pain that people with chronic illness have.  Those drugs that I listed above are just as addicting as any drugs.  If we discuss the topic of addiction we have not banned alcohol, cigarettes, and etc that are know to be addicting, but wait a minute the government is making big tax dollars when it comes to those things. They have not banned those things. Have you thought about the side effects of these synthetic drugs, here are examples of such: nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, difficulty breathing, hallucinations, fainting, seizures, and abdominal pain just to name a few minor ones. So Romney believes that synthetic marijuana is the answer to that, even though I and many patients say no.  Here is an example of Romney and a patient with a chronic disease discussing medical marijuana vs. it synthetic. Do believe what just happened in that video? Do you understand the poison that courses my veins and continues to week after week, is enough toxin in my system.  There can be government regulation on the growth of medical marijuana, because if there isn't then it becomes laced with other drugs or toxins.  The substance marijuana is grown in natures own garden, and when grown correct is in its purest form.  Doctors began to discuss that they don't want their patients smoking it but instead mixing it in the food is best for patients. So I ask you again should legalization of  medical marijuana be done or do these patients have to find alternatives that is even more dangerous then any drug itself?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fashion Show at 12:00 in the middle of the Warwick Mall

Come check me at in the Warwick Mall in the center at noon for the Gloria Gemma Fashion Show.  You can use this as part of your assignment for class to write about an event.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Allan G. Johnson, "Privilege, Power, and Difference"

     "We can't survive on our own when we're young, and it doesn't get a whole lot easier later.  We need to feel that we belong to something bigger than ourselves, whether its family or a team or a society." (A.G. Johnson "Privilege, Power, and Difference)  The author discussed how he was a sociologist.  How he studied people in different societies and their interactions.  He spoke about how mankind can not survive without the interaction of other human beings.  This what makes us grow as humans, and that our intelligence is far from anything that exist. So many studies are done in the field of sociology on human interaction.  That no matter the privilege, power, and difference we are all the same when it comes to affection, interaction, confront, and emotions.  We need others to give us the fundamental growth in order to be able to form communications and connections.  Friendships help build the bridges and foundation of life.  That is why there are so many social clubs, organization, religions, families, societies, and memberships. Regardless of the gathering it helps bring together all these people under one roof for the common goal of nourishing their souls.  Click here to see a video regarding human affection and development.

     "No,her misfortune is connected to my fortune; the reality of her having to deal with racism and sexism every day is connected to the reality that I don't."(A.G. Johnson "Privilege, Power, and Difference)  In this statement the author refers to the fact that he is discussing collaborating a project with a woman that is African American.  He is a white Anglo Saxon male, middle-class, heterosexual, father, and it goes on to show how the lady that he wanted to collaborate with would be at a great disadvantage.  She was a woman for starters, that was not her only disadvantage but she was African American.  This piece of literature was written in 2001, that was not that long ago, but we still continue to struggle for equality in the minds of men.  No matter what are race is the fact that we are women places us in such a disadvantage when facing the issues of the world.  Come on now, did we not develop equalities when you look at the different feminist waves and the impact that women obtained for the right to vote.  We as women are still not able to get that high position in the workplace or even receive the same salary as a man in the same position. Is it the fact that the workplace feels threaten by the simple fact that we can have children and that will ruin the concentration when it comes to the position versus the family's need. Is it also the fact that she is considered a minority and that her rights are suede by the simple fact of her color.  

     "We may not realize how routinely we form such impressions until we run into someone who doesn't fit neatly into one of our categories, especially gender or sexual orientation." ( A.G. Johnson "Privilege, Power, and Difference)  In this quote the author was referring to passing by some one and not being able to know if that person is male or female.  He referred to the fact that society set a norm being that the only gender that is available is either male or female and there is nothing in between.  These are the sexual characteristics that are seen when the child is born and that is what society feels you are stuck with.  So he is referring that sexual reassignment and homosexuality are not considered normal in today's society.  This is in reference to society and what is considered to be normal and what is out of the norm. If a person wants sexual reassignment, or is a cross dresser, or anything under the umbrella of queer society then society deems that as not being normal.  That there is something wrong with the way that person was raised or something along those lines.  That person is perfectly fine and just wants to express truly how they feel or who they truly want to be in society and be excepted by society as such, and not out of the norm.

     In reference to your intelligence "We are similar to horses, and pigs, but the only difference is that we have a brain.  A brain that can have the power to create, invent, persuade, and run the world.  Use your brain to imagine all the positive possibilities and the universe will give you what you ask for." (unknown)  We are intelligent creatures but do we always use our brains, and if we do, is it used effectively?  If you leave an animal or plant in solitary confinement for awhile, that plant and animal will not survive because it soul is not being fed by affection.  Whether you are a woman, a person of a different sexual orientation, of majority race, and anything that society values as not normal.  Always fight for what you believe in and continue to fight just as long as their is no infliction to any person's self esteem, or you do not harm anyone in the process.  This brings a valuable question to mind what is normal in today's society?  A friend once told me that when you look at your life, and you evaluate your life.  If you get things that are wonderful, if you have met people that are significant and equally as wonderful, or even if any of your experiences were wonderful.  Consider all those things as valuable as a pearl.  Use those pearls to build the necklace of life.  When you stop to look at the necklace at in age that you can reflect on your life.  One question that you can ask yourself was that necklace filled with beautiful pearls?  That symbolic necklace and those beautiful pearls are the true meaning of life.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Rowe-Finkbeiner, "A Tsunami in History" from The F-Word: Feminism in Jeopardy; Hogeland, "Fear of Feminism"

Argument 1 taking from "A Tsunami in History":
This author argues that women have gone through history to fight for the rights to vote, equality, working conditions, professionalism, other rights, contraception, education, and all that the two waves have implemented to make the lives of women today an easier journey.  She starts by explaining that as simple as a momentum that was passed through generations, there was the added right to stand up for the rights of women and fight like her ancestors did.  Then she goes to explain that the first wave of the women's movement was our ancestors of this nation breaking down the door for the right for women to vote, health issues related to women, the independence of women from the umbrella of their husband's, and etc.. Their fight was one that paved the way for women of the second wave to get the right to vote.  These women of the second wave fought for the right to go to other work places that were not designated as a women's job.  In those jobs to have the equality of the men that do the same job, and the working conditions to be better. They also fought for women's health issues to be addressed.  They fought for the housewives to have the opportunity to work outside of the home, because it was rarely seen or even done. To break the chains that were set for them and be able to freely decide if they want to work or cater to their husband's.
Then we enter the third wave the author discuss the fact that women are enjoying the freedom set for them by the generation before because those women faced the issues together, but at the same time apart (race, color, and sexually preference). "The sad fact is that many modern women face the challenges of gender inequality alone, as individuals", was predominately viewed by the author as an injustice.(A Tsunami in History)  Instead of the women fighting in union  with one another the challenges that they faced from the 1960's on became more of a personal burden to face. The women of the third wave live in an age were we are free to decide what we want to do, wear, work, educate ourselves, fight for issues, support our children by ourselves if we have to, and even the right to have an abortion which is still a political debate. There are still things that are slowly in progress like the equality in the work place in an example of one. We continue to fight but not like our ancestors did, because time has changed.

Argument 2 taking from "Fear of Feminism":

This author argues that we women of the third wave have lost our fight for the rights and equality of women due to fear. This was due to politics, fear, different types of genera, to even being characterized of different sexual preference, and to the threat that the world has implied on actions of that nature to occur. She goes on to discuss that women have been given all these rights by the fight of previous women, and that we simply enjoy the rights and don't think where they came from or even how they were obtained.  She goes to describe that women have a fear that pertains to the word feminism where she states, "Fear of feminism, then is not a fear of gender, but rather a fear of politics. Fear of politics can be understood as a fear of living in consequences, a fear of reprisals."(Fear of Feminism)  Then she goes to discuss domestic violence issues that also place fear in women to stand up for their given rights.  To be of a homosexual preference was equivalent to being a feminist and that placed a fear in women to be classified as such.  Our youth is corrupt because of the fear to stand for feminism and the rights of women today. The author goes on to describe the power/ fear that men place on women, but these women don't speak out about it, because they are afraid of the consequences. In the eyes of the author to be of intellect and skill is one that stands for feminism.  This brings a great question to mind are we the students of Gender in Society with intellect afraid of what feminism stands for?  Have we been swayed by the political parties to fear the right to be feminist?
Press here to see an article pertaining to contraception and politics vs. feminism


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nice to Meet Everyone!

Hi my name is Sue-Ellen, but I prefer to be called Sue. I am a junior/senior at RIC.  I am going to RIC for my degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.  As you can tell on my page I am a big advocate for women's breast cancer, because as a young woman you never know.  I thought that there was no way that I can get breast cancer because I am too young and it is an old woman's disease! Doing a self breast exam but who needs one at our age, wrong thought I was diagnosed on September 16th of last year.  Do a self breast exam, ladies! What a change my life did in the matter of a year. Even though it has been a rough journey, I have been able to change certain things for the best. I am still fighting the fight while helping to make young women aware. I am taking this class because I believe it would help me find out about the struggles that our ancestors had to endure for the freedom of women today!  When I am not in my classes, I am either doing research or you can find me doing some activity for the Gloria Gemma Foundation and/or just enjoying the company of friends.  You will also find a link to Gloria Gemma by pressing on the pink ribbon on my blog, and see what they have going on especially that Breast Cancer month is in October. Well, see you in class and hope to meet you all!