Thursday, December 6, 2012

Talking Point #11 Crouteau, "Media and Ideology"

Extended Comments
      I am going to use Michael Woloski blog to elaborate on.  I do agree that we hear music, see things on television, play games, and etc.  Sometimes we don't pay particular attention to what is being said, act upon, played, or even talked about.  Even though Mike and I except it as okay, doesn't mean that teenagers or those that are easily influenced follow the message.  I believe that all those things that are displayed in the media as ideas are some how being excepted as okay by others, and excepted as a way of living for the small percentage.  This may be the reason that there is no respect for women or that sex is viewed in a negative light.  When you look at all the songs out there, an example for me is Taylor Swift that sings about all her break ups.  How ever the break up happened, there is another song for Taylor Swift, and then what is funny is hearing females saying that they can relate to the experience that she is such a good role model.  I believe that she is confused and looking for love in all the wrong places, that and the fact that she travels in concert so often leads to many issues with having stable and great relationships.  She is young and all the guys she has dated whether young or older have not been the greatest guys.  Anyways this is an example of how young girls idealize her and the things that make her heroic.  What happens with women still called sluts, hoes, cunts the media emphasizes it and makes it okay for women to be categorized as those things because every rap song you hear "she is a hoe"! Then there are songs of females being strong and voicing their opinion to these derogatory terms that are referring to females. Females showing other women that change needs to happen that they are strong , and that no man will hold them down.

My fear is for women to think it is okay to be called those things and that these are the signs of what the future holds.  We need to see the media as a form of expression not as something that you would form your life's goals and missions around.  So I disagree with Mike that there is no influence on society by the media, because we have a rise in domestic violence, and the disrespect in women continues to happen. We need to listen but not let it influence.

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