Thursday, December 6, 2012

Talking Point #9 Rachel Rabbit White, "8 Ways To Be Positive You're Sex Positive"

      Reading about sex positive was interesting I have to admit when I first read the article I got stuck on jargon or terminology that I have seen when referring to humans. I have heard of the term asexual when it refers to organisms or animals. What could it possibly mean when it is referring to humans , and what the hell is gray-sexual? Anyways as I read on this aeticle talks about sex and being sex positive many thoughts came into my head like when was the last time I had sex, either chemobrain is kicking in or it was just so bad to even remember.   I have heard of the "Slut Walk" started by a woman that was stopped by a state trooper and called a slut.  This is a walk for women to dress as slut running in heels.  Even though minority women felt threaten by it , I think it was changing something of oppression to something of power.
     I don't want to have sex unless I feel that I am going to be with the person, in a relationship that is loving and giving.  I don't care what other guys think for it will be as it will be.  Anyone can engage in sex, but this is the reason that sex has lost the true reason for it besides the reason of procreation. Sex has long been identified with many negative things and not so positive.  In the US we believe that you should cover up, and we have nude beaches but really in Europe they go topless in the beach with their own family and don't think anything different of it.  Is the message that is conveyed, that dirty equals human body, and  that we need to cover up so much?  Is the US placing a bad label on sex to start off with and then it is characterized as a negative topic.
    When you look at today society I see in the dating world that I need to compete with women that leave nothing to the imagination and women that easily sleep with a guy.  I am not calling these women any names you do what you need to do for yourself, but at the same time every guy that has gotten use to such a thing expects it from every female they encounter.  For a female like myself I don't just want to hit and split, I have had my time of doing those things, and it doesn't really leave you anywhere but someone being hurt by the actions. Don't get me wrong I love to be intimate but when it comes to the right person and situation!  I love passion, and all things associated with sex and with someone that you love. Some might see this as me being a prude, but it is what it is.  I believe that everyone has the right to consent to sex, even if they are married or with a partner.  I should not feel that I need to engage in sex every time I am with my significant other, I feel that we both should be wanting to be intimate and that makes sex all the much better.  There are time that your significant other expects you to engage in sex with them I feel it is along the lines of rape.  There are females that are more dominant, open minded, and liberal when it comes to sex, don't get me wrong it is not like I am not but I have more of an old fashion sense.  Here are women being open and liberal in asking men to sleep with them in another language that is more romantic but the nature of the beast is the same way anyway you slice it.

 Sex is nothing to be ashamed of some people have it everyday, every few hours others, and some maybe once or twice a month.  Whatever it maybe from having sex, and being smart, to fetishes, to kinky things, to role playing, toys, and etc.. all I can say if that all parties can agree then by all means have fun, enjoy, and be sex positive. I know I am comfortable about talking about sex and being sex positive, I hope everyone else is.

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